Welcome to Labhipermedia

If you got to us you are probably a teacher, sportsperson, referee…With this blog we want to offer content that may be appealing to you; from new trends related to the use of technology as an improvement of the learning experience, to curiosities about the sports world.

You may also want to know more about us: the project Labhipermedia has its origins in the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, in the sphere of the New Technologies of Information and Communication Applied to Sport. As researchers, we work in the use of technology as the incentive of improvement of the learning experience. As a result of these investigations, we developed CloudLab; an online-video platform which allows its users to create, edit and post teaching-learning content. Besides this platform, we have worked in integral solutions of audiovisual support in formative activities which, from different local, national and international football federations, are carried out.

We hope you find this site interesting.